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English version is available

Smartphone app is being used for hours at this game.
You are reccomended to install the app before playing.
The app is going to be available on the 12th of Janually
As this game is a location-based game using GPS, consumption of smartphone's charging is large. You are strongly reccomended to have a mobile charger.

Osaka is a welcoming and tight-knit town.
Umeda, Nakanoshima, and Fukushima
Akebi Hojo, a vendor who runs a stand at Ennichi festivals held at temples and shrines, she has a daughter that is bright, energetic and assertive.
Her daughter's name is Imo. In contrast to her mother Akebi, who cherishes the tradition of festivals, she openly proclaims that festivals need to have modern elements and quarrels with Akebi about it.
One day, Imo challenges Akebi by showing her, the "Festival mystery solving notebook."
"Are you up to the challenge, mom?"
What mysteries will be presented by Imo?

―See for yourself!

Theme song of this game is provided by a popular band “su-xing-cyu”
Do not miss this opportunity to listen to the song.

About su-xing-cyu
A popular Japanese band and well-known as a comical band.

01/12/2018 to 01/11/2019
※playable everyday

Osaka City (Kita Ward and Fukushima Ward)

1,500 Yen (excluding cunsuption tax)


Mother,Akebi Hojo   voice:Yasuo Kitajima(su-xing-cyu)

Daughter,Imo Hojo  voice:Nami Akiba

Grand Mother,Kuri Hojo  voice:Eiko Nishioka

There are some differences between Japanese version and English one.

①Check your smartphone is available to download app iOS8 Android4.4
Please set it to recieve mail from this domein "".

②Install app Please install APP before purchase the game kit. Internet access fee to installation.
③Please purchase the game kit at certain place.
④Play Game Start the game with your smartphone.

・Please do not go to any places where admissions are required.
・Please do not use your smartphone while walking.
・Please do not uninstall while playing. All data you get might be erased.
・Please do not ask any staff if they have and tips.
・Please do not post any answers or tips on the SNS. However you can post something regards to the game! #osakanazo
・Please do not bother anyone.

・Is there parking space?
Please use coin-operated parking spaces.

・Is it possible for a person in a wheelchair to play this game?
Yes, it is. It is recommended that they play with those who can supoort them as players need to use public transportation.

・I would like to play this game alone.
You can play it alone.

・Until what time can I play?
You can play it anytime but you are strongly recommended to play it during the the day time.

・Is there anything to bring when I play?
You have to take your smartphone and use the app for this game. You may spend much battery on this game, so please charge it enough.

Host:Osaka Mchi-Aruki Production Committee
Planning and Production:Nazotown

Production committees composition companies are here.
ABC Frontier Holdings, Inc.
ABC Rights, Inc.
Pasona Panasonic Business Service Co., Ltd.
miraibox Inc.
Keihan Holdings Co.,Ltd.






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